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Some of our services include:

Change Management and Appreciative Inquiry

In today’s fast paced, global business environment, external forces --- technology, regulations, mergers, the economy, shifting demographics --- are forcing businesses to change to stay competitive. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a Change Management Process which allows companies to maintain competitiveness, develop innovative changes and keep the best of their current organizational success.

Coaching:  Conversations on Success

What could be more exciting than sitting down with one American and learning multiple success stories?  In this series, participants learn life’s lessons in thought provoking presentations, workshops, and breakout sessions.

Leadership Development

To The Rescue Leadership Development Programs help senior and middle management teams achieve success by connecting strategic business goals with the full potential of their employees.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

You cannot optimize organizational effectiveness until you maximize the full potential of your entire workforce. Today, the companies with the greatest competitive advantage are those who make the most of their people’s diverse abilities. Each course will be custom designed for the delivery of an interactive workshop tailored to meet your specific organizational needs. 

Conflict Management

Conflict is an integral part of our work environment; employees at all levels learn to make conflict work by:

  • Using communication strategies to prevent conflict and improve relationships.
  • Understanding two types of conflict.
  • Understanding three stages of conflict.


"To The Rescue," will provide your organization with a teambuilding experience to: 

  • Develop interpersonal relationships with internal colleagues.
  • Recognize the importance of building strategic partnerships.
  • Understand that people do not wok in a vacuum.
Program Benefits
  • Manage conflict and improve relationships
  • Learn interaction skills for success
  • Better coaching and mentoring
  • Effective management practices
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Increased retention
  • Improved morale

Children’s Encampments

Since 1993, Lee Coffee & Associates have initiated and managed multiple nationally recognized and award winning encampments. His eight years of leadership with the National Park Service and the Colorado History Museum, resulted in the award of $240,000 by the National Endowment for Humanities for the Old Stories, New Voices Multicultural Encampment. 

Encampment Director Experiences:
Designed four nationally recognized Children’s Encampments:

  • "La Salida" (The Way Out)
  • Buffalo Soldier Heritage Intervention Camp
  • Vaquero Heritage Intervention Program
  • Old Stories, New Voices Multicultural Camp
Key Benefits
  • Physically Demanding
  • Mentally Challenging
  • Emotionally Rewarding

Today, "To The Rescue" collaborates with organizations to build successful adult team leaders to manage seven day encampments for our future leaders.  The encampments have a manageable ratio of (1: 4) adults to children.  If you are interested in designing a camp in your community, contact us today!
Some of the stated goals include: 

  • Encouraging the conservation of natural resources
  • Instilling an appreciation for historic preservation and,
  • Exposing the youth to a variety of different cultures. 

Some of the desired outcomes for the youth (and adults) include:  appreciation of cultural and natural resources in their own communities, parks and preserves; to understand that preservation of buildings and sites important to our history is important to future generations; and to increase individual self-esteem, self confidence and commitment to education.

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