Hi. I'm Lee!

What can be more exciting than sitting down with one person and learning multiple success stories?


The mission of To The Rescue’s Lee Coffee & Associates is to help people of all ages grow to their fullest capacity.  We begin with the client’s “intent” in mind and provide ongoing organizational development and customized training programs that satisfy the client’s needs.

Values: We believe that “…everybody brings something to the table!”  To develop and sustain a quality workforce, an organization must develop and sustain the full human potential of every employee.

Our vision is to shape a world where our services create lasting impacts, fostering a culture where kindness is at the heart of every interaction.

Purpose: “To The Rescue” is an enterprise that provides strategic planning, workplace diversity & inclusion, team building, and leadership development workshops to corporate, non-profit, and government employees.

Lee Coffee Jr.

`After the Workplace Diversity session, several conference participants commented on your ability to stimulate creative ways of looking at issues related to employee relationships. Your talent to involve people in candid conversation coupled with your willingness to share information is a hallmark of the true professional.“
– Executive Director/CEO – COMTO